Woman accused by doctor husband of adultery, but was then found kidnapped and raped

A 43-year-old Taiwanese woman was imprisoned and raped by a kidnapper for more than 7 months. However, the kidnapper now accuses the woman of sexual assault.


NSFW    This is where a 43-year-old Taiwanese woman was kidnapped and imprisoned for more than 7 months. In the company of her family, the woman turned to the police and revealed a distressing story. She said she did try to fight back and resist when the kidnapper sexually assaulted her but the kidnapper beat her into submission.

Now 9-months pregnant, she accuses the kidnapper Wang Chuan-hao (王全好) of imprisoning and raping her.

The woman left her doctor husband and took her two kids with her two years ago, when their marriage turned sour. She then opened a small restaurant selling rice ball snacks to earn a living. Last June, Wang visited the woman, claiming that his brother was a prosecutor and would be able to offer her legal aid for her divorce.

The woman’s husband later found his wife living together with Wang, along with their two kids. And even discovered that she transferred the properties that was under her name to her new boy toy. So he sued them both for adultery, a felony in Taiwan.

This was when the woman unexpected came out with the accusation against Wang of luring her into a motel under the pretext of going to his church to pick up a bible, and then raping her. According to the woman, she was a filial bride who was imprisoned for 226 days as Wang threatened to kill her kids and husband. During her captivity she was raped repeatedly by Wang, which her husband mistook for adultery. Wang even tried to force her to kill herself, but she refused.

Finally, when she went to the hospital to get a pregnancy check up last month, her mother arrived and rescued her from the ordeal.

Bizarrely, Wang now accused the woman of sexually assaulting him when he was drunk.

Wang was charged with sexual assault and offences against personal liberty but is now out on $1,600 USD bail.
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