Wisconsin city to allow snowball fights after 50-year ban

A city in Wisconsin could soon be allowing snowball fights for the first time in over 50 years.


NSFW    WAUSAU, WISCONSIN — After a more than 50-year ban on snowball fights, residents of Wausau, Wisconsin could soon freely pelt each other with balls of ice.

Wisconsin Public Radio reports that the city had a rarely-enforced ordinance banning projectiles on city property, which included hurling rocks, shooting arrows, and yes, throwing snowballs.

It's only been used to issue tickets 10 times in the past 15 years, with only two instances involving snowballs being thrown, both at passing cars.

In early December, the city got called out by several news outlets for the snowball ban, which was inaccurately reported as new. One even dubbed Wausau "the worst town in America" for stamping out winter fun.

Well, officials weren't having that, and put out a video to set the record straight, featuring cops having a snowball fight and the Deputy Chief of Police hitting a bullseye on the mayor's head.

The city council also voted last week to remove "snowball" from the local law banning projectiles.

But while snowball fights between friends or enemies are fine, chucking a fast one at a moving vehicle on the highway is still going to land you in hot water with the cops.
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