Will Self tagged as a pedophile while hiking with his son


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In the latest sign that Britain is going to the dogs, writer and TV personality Will Self was reported as a suspected pedophile for taking a walk in the countryside with his 11-year-old son.

Self and his son, both avid walkers, had set off in July from London to Whitby, North Yorkshire. To save time on their while passing Bishop Burton College near Beverley, Self asked a security guard at the agricultural college if they could cut through campus.
The guard apparently tagged Self as a pedo, Self says, because he eyed Self’s son suspiciously. He told Self the college was private property and could not allow Self onto a campus full of young people. Self argued with the guard but decided after another guard arrived to walk away.

Two hours later Self and his son were walking along the verge of the B1248 road when a police car and police van drive past them, then do a U-turn and drive up beside them.
A male officer got out of the car and questioned Self. He realized who Self was and told Self police had been contacted by a concerned member of the public, which turned out to be the guard.

According to Self, the female police officer in the van had been dispatched from 30 miles away in the event that his son need to be taken into protective custody.
Self asked Bishop Burton College for an apology. When none was forthcoming, he wrote about his experience it in the Daily Mail.
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