Wild turkey wreaks havoc on Rhode Island town

Turkey on the loose causes massive havoc in small Rhode Island town.


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JOHNSTON, RHODE ISLAND — Everyday is turkey day in this small Rhode Island town, but that's not exactly a good thing.

The Guardian reports that when three wild turkeys arrived in Johnston, Rhode Island in May, the locals warmed up to the new residents fairly quickly. They gave them snacks and took photos. Someone even made a Facebook page.

It was all in good fun until the birds started coming after people. Animal Control managed to catch two of the turkeys, but the third managed to make a run for it.

Six months later, the turkey is still on the lam. It's repeatedly halted traffic with its wily-nily crossing of the highway, and trapped people in their cars with vicious pecking attacks.

The bird is both quick-witted and quick on its feet, and keeps outsmarting the humans. It's learned to recognize animal control vehicles, so officers have had to use undercover cars.

They even got a net gun, only to have it malfunction as they crept up on the bad bird. And as if things weren't hard enough, the turkey's also started sleeping up telephone poles and trees to avoid capture.

The mayor reckons the feathered menace won't leave because it's acquired a taste for Starbucks muffins and Smashburger fries. Then again, maybe it just enjoys turning the tables on humans.
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