Wild truffle found growing on Paris rooftop

One 25-gram winter truffle was found growing on top of a Paris hotel.


NSFW    PARIS — Wild truffle was found growing on a Paris rooftop, making it a first for the city.
The foodie's fungus was discovered chillin at the base of a hornbeam tree in a hotel rooftop garden close to the Eiffel Tower, the BBC reported.

Food connoisseurs are excited because truffles are usually found farther south in warmer climates, where they are dug up by specially-trained dogs or pigs.

The type of truffle found in Paris isn't the most prized, but it still goes great with scallops, sausage or potatoes.

The 25-gram winter truffle was taken to the National Museum of Natural History.

Paris has been pushing for more urban gardening, and has a goal of developing about 100 acres of office and building rooftops over the next two years.
Well, now that you can grow truffles up there, they'll probably be a lot more volunteers.
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