Why did this Hong Kong man kill his parents and freeze their dismembered bodies?

Chow Hoi-Leung, the 29-year-old who killed his parents last year. He was sent to court with his accomplice friend, 35-year-old Tse Chun-Kei on Tuesday.


NSFW    Chow Hoi-Leung, the 29-year-old who killed his parents last year, looks extremely calm in court. His accomplice friend, 35-year-old Tse Chun-Kei, looks a lot more nervous.

On March 1st, 2013, Chow killed both his parents. He then hacked their bodies into pieces. Both suspects plead not guilty at their August 5 hearing, but did admit to not legally burying the bodies. Chow claims that he has a mental illness. Investigators said the suspects planned the murder well out in advance.

In February 2013, Chow lured his parents to an apartment before killing them. The CCTV footage shows Chow enter a building with his parents around 11:00 am, then leave the building by himself 20 minutes later.

Police believe that’s when the parents were killed.

Chow was arrested two weeks later. Police found the victims’ clothes and identification, and two freezers tightly wrapped with tape. In the freezers they found several body parts. Several organs were also discovered in the freezer. Police also found other appendages throughout the residence.

Authorities said there was enough flesh discovered for two human bodies. They aren’t sure as to the time of death. Serious wounds were found on the head and neck area’s of the victims.

Chow said he stabbed his dad while his friend killed his mom. Chow was also injured and attempted to go to the hospital. He said that his friend took care of the bodies after that. Apparently, the friend was planning to eat the bodies, but the skulls got in the way. The two suspects also dumped some body parts into the ocean.
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