Why are China and India at each other's throats over Bhutan?

China cites a historical claim to the area from an agreement with the British empire in 1890. However, Bhutan and India say the claim doesn't hold merit.


NSFW    NEW DEHLI / BEIJING — India and Bhutan are in a heated border dispute with China over an area known as the Doklam Plateau.

It is claimed by both China and Bhutan. Doklam holds strategic interest for all involved, and India backs Bhutan's claim.

Tension over the disputed region had always existed, but the situation escalated in June when the Chinese military began construction work on a road extension into the area.

India, at Bhutan's request, later intervened and sent soldiers and bulldozers to stop Chinese construction. All sides have been at a deadlock ever since. Doklam is near India's Siliguri Corridor, which is a narrow 12-mile wide area that connects the country to its northeastern regions.

In the event of conflict with India, completion of the Chinese road in Doklam would allow China to quickly mobilize troops there, and potentially sever it from neighboring areas.
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