White woman hits and forces black teen to leave swimming pool

A woman was recorded hitting and forcing a black teenager and his friends to leave the community swimming pool.


NSFW    SOUTH CAROLINA — A woman was filmed hitting and threatening a black teenager at a swimming pool.

The teen was just chilling by the pool with his friends when a white lady appearing out of nowhere and started yelling at them, The Hill reports.

The teen had his phone out rolling as the woman punched him in the chest and face. Lady looks like she needs to hit the gym.

Stephanie something something — aka Pool Patrol Paula told the 15-year-old and his friends they "did not belong" there and demanded they leave.

The 38-year-old beast allegedly used racial slurs and called them 'punks' but the guys were respectful enough to leave.

The teens then reported the incident to the police.

Steamhead Stephanie resisted arrest, allegedly shoving one cop into a wall and biting another one on the arm, reports NBC News.

Pool Patrol Paula is now facing a third-degree assault charges along with two counts of assaulting and beating an officer. Guess she's not going to be at the pool for a while.
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