White-supremacist sets fire to 1763 synagogue... and himself

52-year-old white-supremacist, Tristian Morgan had his anti-semitic plans blow up in his face.


NSFW    EXETER, U.K — Arsonist, Tristan Morgan was seen on CCTV approaching the third oldest synagogue in Britain around 8 p.m on the 21st of July, 2018.

After beating at the window with a small axe, he sheathed his weapon into his jacket and then calmly strolled off, only to return with a petrol can.

Morgan then funneled fuel through the window, took his time to settle the can to the ground and then light a scrap of paper which he tossed into the fuel soaked synagogue.

The petrol instantaneously caught ablaze and engulfed an unsuspecting Morgan in a fire blast from head to toe.

He was then seen casually walking to his Mercedes Vito white van, where he drove away.

Plymouth Live reported that far-right Morgan, who cackled as he walked away from the incident, actively encouraged terrorism by distributing a song called, 'White Man' to Soundcloud.

Local Policing Commander Superintendent Matt Lawler said, "It is only by sheer chance that the synagogue was empty and indeed that Morgan himself sustained only minor burns."

The London Bulletin reported that Morgan was also given a ten-year terrorist notification order, meaning that if he is ever to be released, he will require long-term police monitoring.

Morgan was charged with collecting information and encouraging terrorism. The judge sentenced him to an indefinite hospital order under the Mental Health Act.
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