White supremacist pumps deputy full of shotgun rounds

Recently released bodycam footage shows the moment a suspected cop killer pulls a shotgun on a Oklahoma deputy.


NSFW    LOGAN COUNTY, OKLAHOMA — Suspected cop-killer Nathan Leforce this week allegedly pumped a sheriff's deputy full of shotgun rounds before carjacking his police SUV.

Logan County, Oklahoma Deputy David Wade was serving Leforce an eviction notice in Mullhall on Tuesday.

Footage from Wade’s bodycam shows their encounter play out right up until the moment Leforce pulls a shotgun on Wade. The rest has been left out.

Next, Leforce allegedly started firing shots into Deputy Wade’s face and chest.

Amazingly, Wade was able to return fire and radio for backup and then describe Leforce to his colleagues, reported local CBS-affiliate News 9. However, he tragically succumbed to his injuries and died later at a local hospital. Wade is survived by his wife and three kids.

Leforce stole Wade’s patrol car and drove some 25 miles to a gas station. There CCTV footage shows him ditching the cop car and proceeding to jack another car.

Several police agencies spent hours searching for Leforce and eventually tracked him to an outbuilding in Guthrie after pinging his cellphone.

He’s being held in Logan County Jail and is looking at a first a degree murder charge, along with a slew of others for his actions that day.

Wade has an extensive criminal past. According NBC affiliate News Channel 4, his record includes traffic violations, time for once pointing a Kalashnikov at cop, the 2015 kidnapping of a woman and other violent crimes.

The 45-year-old claims to be a member of the Irish Mob and have ties to the white supremacist prison gang, the Aryan Brotherhood, reported News Channel 4, citing court documents.
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