White neighbors call police on black boy mowing lawn

A couple in an Ohio suburb are the latest people to sic the cops on black folk, this time on a 12-year-old mowing a neighbor's lawn.


NSFW    MAPLE HEIGHTS, OHIO — A young black boy got a taste of living while black after a white couple reported him for accidentally cutting their grass.

According to the Washington Post, 12-year-old Reggie Fields and his crew run a summer lawn mowing service in Maple Heights, Ohio, and had been hired by resident Lucille Holt to trim her yard.

While working on her property on June 23, the kids and Holt were stunned when a police SUV pulled up in front of the house.

Holt's white neighbors, Linda and Randy Krakora, had apparently called the cops claiming the group had mowed a thin section of their yard and were trespassing on their property.

An outraged Holt immediately went on Facebook Live to tell everyone what was happening, and has since gotten half a million views on her video.

Mr. Reggie's Lawn Cutting Service is also getting tons of positive support, including over $35,000 in donations on GoFundMe.

Instead of resting on their rather large windfall, Reggie and crew are still out mowing lawns, using newly donated supplies and good ole fashioned hard work to expand their business.

According to Holt, the Krakoras are neighbors from hell, and have called the cops for the pettiest things- once over her kids having a snowball fight outside their own home, and another time over a parked car on the Holts' yard.
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