White guy identifies as Filipino, claims he's transracial

A white man from Tampa claims he's a transracial Filipino because he likes the music, the food, and can watch History channel shows about the Philippines for hours on end.


NSFW    TAMPA, FLORIDA — In yet another instance of nonsense, a Caucasian man from Florida came out as Filipino after insisting he's 'transracial'.

WTSP reports that the term used to refer to the adoption of a child that's of a different race than the adoptive parents, but is now being brandished about by people who identify with another race or ethnicity.

Ja Du, whose birth name is Adam, claims being around the music and the food, and watching History Channel shows about the Philippines made him feel Filipino.

But inhaling factoids about the country and being able to scarf down balut and sweet spaghetti doesn't mean anything, except that you're a fan.

And not a very good one, because the tuk tuk you ride around in is not actually from the Philippines — it's from Thailand. So consider your application to be Filipino denied.

That might be one down, but there's a whole Facebook page of white people who are appropriating some other culture in the name of self-identification.

One licensed psychologist says people shouldn't take offense because it's harmless, and more or less equated identifying with a race to choosing a religion.

The thing is: unless a black dude can get a cop to back off by claiming he identifies as white, this nonsense is not gonna fly.
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