Whistleblower who filmed coronavirus corpses arrested

A citizen journalist whose video of coronavirus victims outside a hospital went viral has been arrested in Wuhan.


NSFW    CHINA — China continues its mission.
China has silenced the whistleblower who posted the now viral video showing the not living piling up outside a local hospital.

The Epoch Times reports that citizen journalist Fang Bin was arrested by police officers around 3 p.m. on February 10.

He had refused to come out of his apartment, so officers surrounded his home and blocked possible escape routes before firefighters eventually broke down his front door.

Netizens suspect his phone and home wifi were cut off before his arrest, which rendered him unable to post another video.

Fang, a traditional clothes seller, had been spurred to citizen journalism by a lack of reliable information. He visited local you-know-where hospitals and recorded what he saw.

One video, where he spots 8 no-longer-around in a span of five minutes, went viral and caught the attention of Chinese authorities.

Masked men in hazmat suits came to his house later that day wanting to take his temperature and possibly put him in quarantine. He refused to open the door, but they barged in anyway.

Fang told the LA Times in a phone interview that he was detained by police and interrogated about the videos. He was told to stop "spreading rumors" before being released.

But Fang continued with his crusade, and told his followers that he would be posting a video every morning so people would know he was alright.

Plainclothes police officers, he said, were monitoring his every move, and he speculated that the only reason they haven't broken in is because his videos were attracting the world's attention.
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