Whatsapp bans millions of Brits as new privacy law comes into play

As far as we can tell, pre-pre-16 Whatsapp user wipe out, all anyone had to do to continue using the service was to check a box saying they were over 16. Now that'll be SUPER effective right? It's not like anyone, especially kids, will lie about their age to access stuff they shouldn't online in 2018.


NSFW    BRUSSELS/LONDON/SAN FRANCISCO — Millions of Brits are now reportedly without access to the world's most popular chat app thanks to new legislation.

Basically, anyone under 16 years of age who didn't verify their age has been dropped Whatsapp thanks to the European Union's new General Data Protection Regulations. That's GDPR for short.

Now that law — incase you live in a cave and haven't been spammed by companies you've long forgotten about over data for the last 6 months — is meant to enforce privacy EU wide.

But what about Brexit? The UK's still subject to EU law until March 2019 at the earliest.
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