What happens if Russia knocks out the UK's deep sea data cables?

One of the UK's top military dudes warned how Russia could attack the country's internet, but what would that look like?


NSFW    LONDON — Late last year Britain's top military officer warned that Russia poses a threat to the country's internet and communication networks.

Trade, business, communication and nations rely largely on deep sea data cables to function. These global links connect the planet's information.

Britain's top military officer warned NATO must safeguard them as a priority due to threat presented by Russia's Navy, according to a December 2017 BBC report. In international waters, the cables are in a legally gray area, meaning an attack on them may not trigger NATO collective defence.

The cables can be easily destroyed via small explosives, according to the Center for International Maritime Security. If successful, and attack could damage a country's economy and bring their communications network to a halt.
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