Weird things that can slow down your WiFi

Here are some strange and unexpected things you didn't know could make your WiFi connection really, really slow.


NSFW    LONDON — A UK survey has found that a whole bunch of people are sabotaging their own internet connections by positioning routers in all the wrong places.

Huffington Post reports that according to Post Office Telecoms, an unexpected item that can slow down your wifi are Christmas lights, which create a small electromagnetic field that can interfere with the signal.

Routers broadcast radio signals that are picked up by wifi capable devices, but electronic devices interfere with this signal because they compete for frequencies.

Wifi also doesn't transmit easily through water, so expect a slow connection when a router is near a fish tank, which has both electrical circuitry and lots of liquid.

Experts advise that routers be placed centrally within the house, away from windows or corners, in order to secure a strong wifi signal.

So folks, if you want the ultimate no-buffering zone, you best give that router space. Lots of it.
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