Webslinger turns on boys in blue in Times Square in front of shocked tourists

A man dressed as Spider-Man punched a New York cop over the weekend, the latest in a string of incidents involving superheroes behaving badly in front of tourists.


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A less-than-Amazing Spider-Man punched a Times Square cop in the face over the weekend in the latest in a string of incidents involving superheroes behaving badly in front of Manhattan tourists.

Suited characters in New York City’s Times Square are allowed to collect donations but are prohibited from demanding money.

The incident started on Saturday around 2 p.m. on a walkway at 42nd St and Broadway after a man dressed as Spider-Man, in a black, semi-skin tight suit and mask, posed for a picture with couple who offered him $1 in exchange.

Authorities said Spidey refused to accept the dollar and told the couple he would only accept larger sums. “Fives, tens or 20s only,” he allegedly demanded. That’s when Officer Eduardo Molina stepped forward and told the woman she could give whatever amount of money she wanted.

“F--k you! This is none of your own business,” Webhead told Officer Molina, while tearing off his mask. Molina asked for ID that Spider-Man, aka Junior Bishop, didn’t have, so the cops went to arrest Bishop.

Spidey must have sensed danger, so he punched Molina in the face. Spidey got in a few more punches as Molina’s partner moved in and helped subdue Bishop.

Mickey and Minnie mouse stood in disbelief while Elmo had his red mitt up to his cheek as the cop and the web slinger battled it out on the sidewalk.

Spider-Man is actually 25-year-old Junior Bishop from Brooklyn. He was due to be arraigned Sunday at Manhattan Criminal Court on charges of felony assault.
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