Watch what happened when a man drove off an 80-foot cliff and survived with just a few scratches

A 33-year old UK motorist is lucky to be alive after his car plunged 80 foot over a Sussex cliff and landed on the beach below


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A UK motorist is lucky to be alive after his car plunged 80ft (24m) over a cliff and landed on a beach.

The 33-year old man was driving along the A259 in Roedean, Sussex at around midnight on Saturday when for unknown reasons the car left the road and drove over the cliff’s edge.

The vehicle plunged 80ft, clearing a concrete walkway at the bottom of the cliff and landing on the sand.

Miraculously, the virtually unharmed driver was able to walk away from his badly damaged car, later joking with paramedics and firefighters that he had just had a Red Bull which had ‘given him wings’.

The extremely lucky man was then hauled up the cliff and was taken to a local hospital where he is now being treated for cuts, bruises and other minor injuries.

The cause of the accident is being investigated.
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