Watch this man renew (at least part) of your trust in America's police force

The story of a Florida cop who rescued a man whose electric wheelchair had broken down during a thunderstorm has gone viral.


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Fort Myers, Florida, police officer Gil Benitez has been praised as a hero after his kind deed was captured on a dashcam when he rescued a wheelchair-bound man stranded in the open during a thunderstorm on Thursday, August 14th.

Officer Benitez received a distress call from Michael Arnold around 8:30 during his night patrol on Thursday night.

Stranded in the middle of a violent thunderstorm in is immobile wheelchair, Arnold had only a small umbrella and his cell phone. He was just a block away from home, but it seemed a mile.

Benitez arrived by Arnold’s side and pushed him all the way home. He even dried helped Arnold off and waited until his family arrived.

Officer Benitez’s kind deed has won him praise online, but he remains humble and said he was just doing his job.
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