Watch this drowning husky get pulled from the water by a heroic cop

Texas cop Nick Harwood jumped into the Conn Brown Harbor to rescue a husky. Good boy!


NSFW    Good Cop

Two Siberian huskies sneaked away from their owner’s apartment building just to hang out at Conn Brown Harbor one night in April.

While on patrol, Aransas Pass officer Nick Harwood saw only one of the dogs, 1-year-old Claire, and realized her companion, Allie, 2, had fallen into the water and couldn’t get out.

Harwood immediately stripped to his boxers and undershirt and entered the water to rescue the drowning husky.

Harwood’s supervisor, Cpl. J.D. Hinojosa arrived at this time and videotaped the entire act with his body camera without the dog-saving hero knowing it.

After a short while, the video sees a joyful re-union of the two huskies.

The dogs’ owner, Nancy Vanibuls, was not aware of the rescue until she saw the video for the first time on Facebook recently.

Harwood, who was also a stem cell donor for an infant with leukemia, received an award Aransas Pass Police Chief Eric Blanchard.
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