Watch Taiwan's police violent crackdown on students peacefully protesting controversial trade pact with China

Taiwanese riot police used water cannons, tear gas, batons and shields against unarmed students who had occupied Taiwan’s government buildings in protest over a controversial services trade agreement with China.


NSFW    After occupying Taiwan’s parliament, or the Legislative Yuan (立法院), in protest at a controversial trade and services agreement with China for five days,the student-led Sunflower Movement (太陽花學運) escalated things on March 23rd when some students decided to occupy the nearby Cabinet office, or Executive Yuan (行政院). In response, the government ordered riot police to clear the students from inside, resulting in bloodshed.

On Sunday night, an estimated 200 students who were originally at a peaceful protest outside the parliament compound decided to occupy the nearby Cabinet office building. They cut through barbed wire fences and barriers and broke into the Cabinet building.The crowd eventually grew to more than 3,000.

Riot police sent to evict the students arrived on the scene at around 11 pm. They used force, water cannons, tear gas, and even batons and shields against unarmed students, resulting in bloodshed. At least six waves of the evacuation operation were launched before the Cabinet office was completely cleared by 5 am.

Footage of police brutality and clips of students covered in blood have gone viral on the internet. As of press time, President Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) has not agreed to meet the students’ demands to retract or review the terms of the trade pact with China.
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