Watch as NYC cop shoots dead man who attacked Jewish student with knife

Video shows police attempting to talk down the knifeman. When the man refuses to comply, cops are forced to take action


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Police have shot and killed a knifewielding man who stabbed an Israeli student in the head at the Chabad-Lubavitch in Crown Heights.

Students were praying at the Brooklyn synagogue when the 40-year-man burst in and announced: “I want to kill the Jew.”

Police were called at about 140am and confronted the man, which was captured on video.

At first, the 40-year-old man puts down the knife. But then moments later he picks it back up again. Approaching officers and refusing to drop his weapon, the police are forced to respond.

One gunshot is heard and the knifeman is seen laying on the ground. He later died at the Kings County Hospital.
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