Watch as hero off-duty cop saves a man from a gas station fire

John Vescio, a senior investigator from Troop NYC, saved a man from burning gas station after the man’s car crashed into the pump.


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John Vescio, a senior investigator from Troop NYC, was filling up his unmarked police car at 11 a.m. on Hutchinson River Parkway when an out-of-control Toyota slammed into the gas pump, and set on fire.

The pump fell on top of Vescio and injured him. He managed to get himself out of under the pump and ran away from the flames.

A few seconds later, he returned to the crashed car and dragged the trapped driver out of the vehicle to safety. The 69-year-old driver had suffered a diabetic emergency and appeared to be unconscious. It took a while for Vescio to free the man as his legs were stuck under the driver’s seat.

Knowing there was ammunition and a weapon in his car, he also asked people to stay back as he returned to his vehicle to remove them.

The fire was later extinguished by the White Plains Fire Department. Vescio and four other customers were injured in the incident while the man who suffered the diabetic incident remained in hospital in a stable condition.
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