Want to pass out and convulse on the floor? Try Indonesia's newest viral craze

Indonesia netizens warn parents to worry about the pass out challenge played by their kids.


NSFW    INDONESIA — It’s the nation’s latest viral craze, but what exactly is the skip challenge? Well, we’re glad you asked. But please, please don’t try this one.

The skip challenge, also known as the passout challenge, involves two people, usually high schoolers. The challenge is to pin your buddy to the wall and compress his or her chest until they pass out.

That’s right - the fun’s all about forcing your friend to suffocate and momentarily lapse into unconsciousness. It really couldn’t get much dumber than that. Players are often out cold for just a couple of seconds, but the stunt is inherently risky. Starving the brain of oxygen has caused skip challengers to collapse into terrifying convulsions.

Oxygen starvation can lead to paralysis or even irreversible brain injury. And yet, kids will be kids.

One thoughtful citizen offered a warning to parents of the dangers involved in the game. The post has been shared thousands of times on Instagram.

Sure, it might look cool, but you know what’s cool? Not dying.
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