Waffle House Sex Scandal: Who's telling the truth?


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Is everyone in a sex scandal right now? Joe Rogers Jr., Chairman of Waffle House, says his former housekeeper is blackmailing him and falsely accusing him of sexual harassment.

According to the Housekeeper, he forced her to perform sexual acts on him in order to keep her job. The woman "subjected" herself to this alleged work environment for over eight years because she says she needed the money to support herself and her son. After her son got a full college scholarship, she decided to resign from her post.

A little over a month later, Rogers received a letter in the mail from the woman's attorney claiming there were videos of Rogers and the women engaged in sex acts. The attorney also demanded millions of dollars from Rogers, according to his representation.

Initially, all the audio and video evidence was filed under seal, but earlier this week a judge unsealed it. Goody!

Rogers adamantly states that although he is ashamed and embarrassed, but also that the relationship was consensual. He maintains that his former employee is attempting to blackmail him with this information, "I am a victim of my own stupidity, but I am not going to be a victim of a crime - extortion," Joe Rogers Jr. said in a statement provided by his attorney on Wednesday."

Hmmm...this is bad press for the popular restaurant chain, but something tells us that the people frequenting Waffle House don't really care about this affair.
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