VW Beetle spits fire, rides like a rocket after California man spends $200k to install jet engine

"People love the car because I think it appeals to people's imagination,” Ron Patrick says of his jet-powered VW Beetle. “Even the birds refuse to poop on it."


NSFW    Ron Patrick, a California engineer with a PhD from Stanford, has turned his Volkswagen Beetle into a rocket car, using a 1350 horsepower jet engine.

Patrick, 47, tweaked the engine, which originally powered a Navy helicopter. He then installed it in his small silver car.

The car can now travel at speeds likely higher than 140 mph, but that’s as high as the speedometer goes.

According to reports, Patrick spend roughly $200,000 on the makeover.

Patrick can drive his car around California legally because he kept the car’s original engine. He said he only powers up the jet engine when no one else is on the road.

The engineer has also tinkered with a scooter for his wife, who said she wanted her moped to go faster than the standard 40 mph.
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