Viral video claims to show woman give birth to baby goat

A viral video appears to show a woman in Nigeria giving birth to a baby goat.


NSFW    PORT HARCOURT, NIGERIA — A video supposedly showing a woman having just given birth to a goat has gone viral. Media reports out of Nigeria this past week offer sparse and absurd details surrounding the incident.

Due to gametic isolation, a goat’s sperm is highly unlikely to bind to a human’s egg, as the species are too far apart. That being said, the woman reportedly endured a pregnancy that lasted two years. It’s worth noting a typical human pregnancy lasts nine months, and a goat pregnancy lasts five.

A free medical clinic was reported to have been set up by a local pastor, where the pregnant woman gave birth to the goat, who appears to have been a stillborn. The video being circulated began recording just seconds after the birth allegedly took place. The woman can be seen kneeling beside a chair, keeled over in pain. Closeby, her “offspring” is lying in a pool of blood, and what appears to be a placenta.

The two-minute long video also shows the woman sitting on the floor, leaning against a wall, casually sipping a bottle of water, not paying any mind to the bloody carcass roughly a foot away from her.
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