Viral photo shows baby crawling across Lakewood road

A photo of a baby crawling across a road in New Jersey is causing a whole lotta controversy on the internet.


NSFW    LAKEWOOD, NEW JERSEY — The internet went ballistic over the weekend after a baby was photographed crawling across a New Jersey street.

The Lakewood Patch reports that Cory Cannon had been driving through Lakewood Saturday night when he spotted what he thought was a toy in the middle of the road.

It wasn't until it moved that he realized it was a real-life baby crawling across the street on all fours.

He immediately stopped his truck to block traffic, and snapped the now-controversial photo as proof before picking up the baby and calling the cops.

A neighbor later came out and took the baby back to his parents, who only then realized their kid wasn't in the house. They say the whole incident was an accident, and that the tiny tot might have crawled out through an open door left open by an older sibling.

Authorities are currently investigating what happened with the help of the New Jersey Department of Child Protection and Permanency.

Still, there's no reassuring angry netizens, and the viral shot has since sparked a flurry of comments about bad parenting.

Even Cannon is getting flak for snapping a photo before rescuing the baby, which he claims was only meant to protect himself as a black man in America.

Had he picked the little dude up and drove to the police station, another driver might assume kidnapping and call it in — and we all know how that pans out.
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