Violence breaks out on South Pacific Carnival cruise

A Carnival cruise from Melbourne to New Caledonia descended into a violent mess after a large family reportedly instigated brawls on the ship.


NSFW    SOUTH PACIFIC — A relaxing vacation quickly devolved into the stuff of violent nightmares after a family of troublemakers wreaked havoc onboard a Carnival cruise from Melbourne to New Caledonia.

According to 9News, one passenger claims the trouble began over some dude igniting a feud after getting his flip-flops stepped on.

The large Italian family reportedly went around provoking fights and threatening other passengers, who complained to the captain, but to no avail.

Scared families took to locking themselves inside their cabins to avoid being targeted by the aggressive bunch.

The violence came to a head days into the trip, when a massive brawl broke out in the nightclub. Security personnel ended up jumping into the fray, and were seen kicking people brawling on the ground, and screaming at onlookers to stop filming.
The guards supposedly locked the violent family in a cabin and have been accused of taking passengers' phones to delete evidence of the mayhem.

Police removed 23 passengers from the ship when it docked at Eden, though none have been charged so far.

Carnival, meanwhile, gave a half-assed apology for the actions of their security team, and offered traumatized passengers 25% off on their next cruise.
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