Villa pizza chain to sell all-crust pizza slices

A New Jersey-based pizza chain will begin offering single-serve boxes of just pizza crusts, for you monsters who would rather not have sauce or cheese or pepperoni.


NSFW    MORRISTOWN, NEW JERSEY — The makers of the Pumpkin Spice Pizza and the Gender Reveal Lasagna are messing with all of us yet again by offering "Just the Crust" pizza.

Villa Italian Kitchen recently announced in a press release that they would start selling single-serve boxes of only pizza crusts - no sauce, no cheese, no toppings.

Let's just say people are not taking it well.

The pizza chain claims it's the perfect idea since their crusts are "everyone's favorite part." Not sure who they've been talking to but who is "everyone"?

Villa told Food and Wine that the all-crust abomination is created by making a pizza outline out of dough, then "delicately positioning" splashes of cheese and sauce, for what they call an "authentic crust experience."

It may just be us, but something else comes to mind with "authentic crust experience."

There's likely some heathens out there who will appreciate an all-crust deal, but the other end of that spectrum who want all the saucy bits should get a no-crust pie too.

Honestly though, there's no need to ruin a perfectly good thing. But if you absolutely must, Villa's $2.75 "Just the Crust" will hit stores from July 18.
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