Vietnamese influencer dumps on makeup in hospital for boyfriend

Good thing this woman has her priorities straight.


NSFW    VIETNAM — A so-called social media influencer in Vietnam found herself on the wrong end of some online backlash for dumping mountain loads of makeup on while in the hospital.
According to China Press, the influencer of all influencers was recovering in the hospital back in October when she decided to encase herself in some cosmetics.
Apparently she found out that her boyfriend was on the way over and shared a Facebook post saying, "My boyfriend is coming to see me!"
The ultra influencer then posted a crap ton of pictures of herself hooked up to a respirator wearing a truckload of foundation on as well as fake eyelashes, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, nail polish and jewelry.
And of course you can't be a real deal influencer if you don't take selfies of yourself pretending to sleep.
Isn't it about time they have selfies drones that can do that kind of thing for you? Just think of all the influencing an influencer could influence.
Well, we here at TomoNews wish nothing but the best for this woman and hope that she gets back up on her feet as quickly as possible because the world surely isn't going to influence itself.
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