Vietnam's Long Thanh Airport to open by 2025

The new airport will be used to alleviate traffic from Ho Chi Minh's busy international airport.


NSFW    DONG NAI, VIETNAM — Vietnam's new Long Thanh Airport is being built in order to reduce traffic at Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City.

This is a joint venture between The Airports Corporation of Vietnam and different firms from Japan, France, and Vietnam, according to Nhan Dan Online.

Long Thanh International Airport will be built in Vietnam's southern province of Dong Nai, according to Vietnam

The airport will cover an area of 5,580 hectares and will undergo three stages of construction.

However, according to Vietnam Investment Review, the airport will be built over six communes in the area.

This means people living in the area will have to be relocated and resettled to other areas and given a compensation package.

The airport is being designed by South Korean architectural firm Heerim, and will feature a roof that has been made to look like a lotus.

A runway and a passenger terminal will be built in its first phase of construction which is slated to start next year, according to Vietnam Net.

A passenger lounge along with parking areas for planes will also be built along with other auxiliary constructions.

According to Vietnam Investment Review, the airport will be able to hold up to 100 million passengers and five million tons of cargo once it becomes operational in 2025.

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