Video shows shark nudge divers for help to remove fishing hook

After being nudged repeatedly by the shark, the diver took a look and found a relatively large rusty hook lodged in the shark’s body.


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JUPITER, FLORIDA — A video circulating online appears to show a shark swimming over to a group of divers, nudging them for help to remove a hook from its body.

On March 22, diver Josh Eccles was going for dip in the Atlantic Ocean when a lemon shark swam up to him and gave him a nudge. These powerful sharks aren’t known to be a large threat to humans, but sharks can be unpredictable.

Eccles decided to take a closer look at the shark, and when he did, he found a relatively large rusty hook lodged in the shark’s body. The creature obviously in pain, Eccles managed to get a grip on the hook, and gently pulled it out of the shark’s belly. Freed from the foreign object, the shark swam away peacefully.

In the seconds that followed, the shark circled back over to the divers, allowing them a chance to check on it, while also appearing to swim around them, and even with them. Many commenting online believe it may have been a show of gratitude.
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