Video shows man trying to carjack two cars and failing both times

The video shows a 32-year-old suspect attempting to steal a woman's car key and hijack a man's red SUV, and failing at both tries.


NSFW    SPRINGFIELD, CONNECTICUT — Surveillance video released by a Connecticut gas station shows a man failing miserably at attempting to carjack two vehicles.

The video shows 32-year-old Juan Laporte attempting to take a woman's car key away from her. However, a bystander quickly helps the woman by kicking Laporte. The second part of the video shows Laporte trying to hijack a red SUV, and his plan was again ruined by the SUV owner and bystanders who jumped into the car and wrestled with him until he lost control of the vehicle crashes into the gas station.

Laporte is facing multiple charges in connection with the incidents, including carjacking and assault.
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