Video shows bride-to-be's last moments in helicopter crash

Bride-to-be Rosemere’s dream was to arrive at her wedding by a helicopter. Little did she know that journey would be the way she would spend that last moments of her life.


NSFW    SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL — Newly released dashcam footage shows the tragic last moments of a Brazilian woman’s life before she dies in a helicopter crash. The woman was on her way to her wedding.

Prior to the devastating crash, Sao Paulo resident and bride-to-be Rosemere Nascimento Da Silva boarded the helicopter as a surprise for her future husband, Udirley Damasceno.

In a nearly 9-minute long video released by Brazilian news outlet G1 Oficial, the beautiful woman looks happy and excited to surprise her groom, then an alarm goes off and the helicopter begins to shake, everyone on the chopper can be heard screaming in panic. The helicopter swivels completely out of control, then crashes to the ground. No one survived.

When informed of what happened, the groom was apparently unaware of the surprise his bride had planned for him, and went into complete shock, according to the pastor.

Local authorities, together with aeronautics specialists, have been investigating the possible causes for the crash. Officials believe the helicopter may have hit a tree while flying during poor visibility due to rain, fog, and cloud cover.

According to the organisers, Rosemere’s dream was to arrive at her wedding by a helicopter without anyone knowing.
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