Video of woman harassed and slapped by stranger goes viral

The 22-year-old French woman decided to post the footage online to shine a light on street harassment.


NSFW    PARIS — A video posted by a young French woman with the intention of putting a spotlight on sexual harassment has gone viral.

In less than three days, it reached nearly 3 million views on Youtube. It was posted by Marie Laguerre, a 22-year-old architecture student living in Paris.

On August, 24th, she was walking back home when a man in his thirties allegedly verbally harassed her. She said he wasn't the first person to do that that day. She was particularly upset and told him to 'shut up'.

She thought the man didn't hear her, but the cafe's CCTV footage shows him grabbing an ashtray and throwing it at her.

As if this wasn't enough, he doubles back and hits the poor girl in the face.Some bystanders tried to confront the aggressor, but he was quick to leave. Laguerre went back home, saying she was shocked by the violence.

She realized her face was bruised and decided to go back to the scene of the incident a few minutes later. The cafe's owner gave her the security surveillance tape and took her to the nearest police station to file a complaint.

The aggression caught on camera has revived a nationwide discussion about street harassment. France's gender equality minister reacted in an interview, saying she felt 'outraged'.

The young woman explained that she put the footage online because this isn't just about her. According to her post, she says: "I am sick of feeling unsafe walking in the street. Things need to change."
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