Video game rage: Dad kills son over defeat in Dynasty Warriors

A 36-year-old man in Taipei stabbed his son to death over a video game. He has been charged with murder and was released on bail.


NSFW    Liu Hao-shen, a 36-year-old man living in Taipei, Taiwan, stabbed his son twice, killing him, after the pair lost a cooperative videogame match.

Last week, Liu’s son, Ching-Han, invited him to have a drink and play a video game together. Liu found himself frustrated with the game, while Qing-Han ridiculed him for his terrible gaming skill and causing their mutual defeat in the virtual world.

The in-game frustration really bothered Liu, and finally he freaked out, broke the game console, grabbed a sashimi knife from kitchen, and started a brawl with his son. Liu “accidentally” stabbed Qing-Han twice during the fight. The wounds were fatal and Qing-Han died sprawled out on the floor.

Qing-Han’s stepmother, who was identified by her last name, Huang, called the police after she found her stepson dead in the living room with her husband, Liu, just standing there shirtless.

During the investigation, Huang told police that Qing-Han was sent to his grandmother’s house and was raised there because of Liu’s pattern of domestic violence, stretching back at least since Liu’s divorce from his ex-wife. Lately, father and son sometimes played video games together, but Huang never expected that Liu would kill his son over something so trivial.

When Liu was informed that his son died, he told the police that he was just trying to threaten his son and did not kill him intentionally. “Will I get the death penalty?” Liu asked police.

Investigators have not confirmed whether Liu intentionally killed his son or whether it was just an accident. Liu was interrogated and has been charged with murder. He was released on $2,000 US dollars bail, or two times the average monthly wage in Taiwan.
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