Versace apologizes over t-shirt that triggered thin-skinned China

China has been triggered once again.


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CHINA — Versace apologized on Sunday after one of its T-shirts accidentally listed Hong Kong and Macau as separate countries, triggering the outrage of thin-skinned Chinese netizens.
According to Reuters, the Italian luxury brand is the latest to get tangled up in political issues involving Beijing and its policing of how foreign companies describe the former European colonies.
The company said in a statement, "Versace reiterates that we love China deeply, and resolutely respect China's territory and national sovereignty."
Translation—we're glad Chinese people spend money on Verace crap and understand that this lame apology will be enough to keep you suckers buying.
The T-shirt, which was posted on Twitter knockoff Weibo, features a list of city-country pairs like "New York-USA" and "Rome-Italy" in a super creative Times New Roman font.
So Versace made this using Microsoft Word? That's luxury for you.
Anyways, when it got to Macau and Hong Kong, they were listed as "Hong Kong-Hong Kong and Macau-Macau."
Cue the ultra-triggered Chinese netizens and the hurt feelings of the Chinese people.

Maybe what Versace should make next is some thicker skin for Chinese people.
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