Venezuelans turn to 'dog carts' as alternative transportation

Illegal vehicles nicknamed "kennels" or "dog carts" are now what Venezuelans are relying on as a means to get around.


NSFW    MARACAIBO, VENEZUELA — Venezuelans struggling with the country's nonexistent transportation system are resorting to dangerous and often illegal means of getting around.

Reuters reports that two years ago, passenger buses in Venezuela numbered at least 280,000, but have disappeared gradually due to expensive or unavailable parts.

Public transportation has become scarce, with 95% of buses, cars, and taxis no longer on the road. Instead, residents are relying on over 150,000 unlicensed vehicles, nicknamed "kennels" or "dog carts," to get to their destination.

This alternative means of transport often takes takes the form of delivery trucks or vans that standing passengers can cram themselves into.

The "kennels" are so named for their cramped and unsafe conditions, which this year alone has caused 39 deaths and 275 injuries, according to opposition lawmaker Nora Bracho.

Residents are well aware of the risks of getting into the "kennels", but with a slow-moving government, it's not like they have a choice.
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