Venezuelan president survives drone assassination attempt

Six people have been arrested for an alleged attempt to kill Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro using explosive-laden drones.


NSFW    CARACAS — Venezuela claims it has identified the mastermind and accomplices behind a failed attempt on President Nicolas Maduro's life.

CNN reports that Maduro survived an alleged assassination attempt on Saturday after a drone exploded near where he was delivering a speech.

Footage of the event show him looking up mid-speech as a loud bang is heard off-screen. Soldiers are then seen breaking formation and scattering. Though the president escaped unscathed, seven members of the national guard were reportedly injured by the blast.

According to Venezuela's Interior Minister Nestor Reverol, assailants used two DJI M600 drones, each carrying a kilogram of C4 explosives. One drone was set to detonate above Maduro, the other in front of him.

The Venezuelan military electronically knocked one of the drones off-course and caused it to detonate away from the target area. The second drone ended up crashing into an apartment building two blocks away from the event.

Six people were detained and later charged in connection with the attack after authorities examined materials and electronic devices in their possession.

The Madura administration accused the far right of trying to kill him, alleging that they conspired with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and Venezuelans in Miami.

Critics say no evidence has been presented to back the government's claims. According to the Times of London, some have even speculated the attack may have been staged to let the president take action against his opponents.
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