Vegan cafe criticized for allowing naked baby to poop in restaurant

Owners of a vegan restaurant in Tennessee are facing public backlash for allowing their children to allegedly run naked around the eatery and poop on the floor. They’ve fired back at one customer in particular who shared her unique experience at the restaurant online.


NSFW    MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE — A vegan restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee, has become internet famous not for their meatless grub, but for allowing children to run naked around the premises. At least, this is according to a patron who left a two-star review of the establishment on Google last week.

According to the two-star review, a naked baby was running around and exposing her butt-hole to customers, while another was showing off her yodeling skills during the meal.

Owners Adam and Kristie Jeffrey confirmed that it was in fact their child who was streaking through the restaurant. However, they are on the defensive against the onslaught of reactions they have gotten from netizens, with Kristie warning that they have “thoroughly irritated mama bear!!!”

Meanwhile, the couple has received hundreds of prank calls and negative comments on social media regarding the alleged incident. But, the owners say they will not back down, and are standing by their restaurant motto: “If you can’t do vegan, then don’t come here. If you can’t do children, don't come here.”

Shelby County Health Department inspectors investigated the incident on July 8, and found there to be no violations at the restaurant, adding that children were not near the food prep or cooking areas, CBS-affiliate KSLA reported.

However, throughout all this, the owners have not actually denied allegations that their child pooped on the restaurant floor.
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