Vanuatu volcano eruption forces all 11,000 residents to be evacuated

All 11,000 residents of Ambae island in Vanuatu are being evacuated following the eruption of Manaro volcano.


NSFW    AMBAE, VANUATU — Residents are being evacuated after a volcano on one of Vanuatu's northern islands began to erupt.

The Manaro volcano in Ambae is a shield volcano whose summit features three crater lakes. Reuters reports that the volcano began releasing ash and toxic gas in September, and is now spewing rocks and lava amid repeated explosions.

Many of the island's water sources were polluted by the eruption, leaving thousands without access to safe drinking water.

Islanders are currently being ferried off the island by an assortment of ships and boats. Others have flown out to safety, as the Vanuatu government wants all 11,000 residents evacuated by October 6.

The Manaro eruption poses a serious threat, especially with the possibility of deadly volcanic mud called lahar overflowing down the mountain.

The volcano last erupted in 2005. Half of the island's population was evacuated and couldn't return until at least three months later.
How could a radioactive cloud spread across the Pacific?

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