Valve launching mobile Steam gaming and video apps

Have you got Steam on your home computer with dozens of games? From May 21 you'll be able to play them around your house via your Android or Apple device.


NSFW    BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON — Valve, the creators of the hit digital distribution platform Steam, are set to make the service streamable later this month.

From May 21, users will be able to play games around the house via their Android or Apple device with Steam Link.

Provided you're connected to the same network as your Steam library mainstay computer this app, CNET reports, will let you access your games on other devices around the house. To stream Steam-bought games users will need a 5Ghz Wi-Fi network or a hard-wired connection to the host computer.

Ars Technica reports the company is also launching a mobile streaming app dubbed Steam Video. That'll let users watch shows and movies bought on Steam on their mobile device.
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