Uyghurs massacred by Chinese Communist forces after 2 police killed in Xinjiang


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Two police of the Chinese Communist occupation forces were killed in a clash with ethnic Uyghurs in Xinjiang’s Kashgar City on Sunday. The incident took place in Sayibage Township in Kashgar City. The official Xinhua report, which is biased by its very nature as the Communist Party’s official mouthpiece, says that the two police were attacked while they were on duty but it didn’t specify the identity of the attackers. The incident happened at 11:00 p.m. on Sunday, while the two police were chasing suspects for some reason or other. According to Xinhua, a group of attackers suddenly threw explosive devices at the police and attacked them with knives. Other police rushed to the scene and summarily executed 14 Uyghurs on the spot and arrested two other suspects.

Hua Chunying, the spokeswoman of China’s ministry of foreign affairs, said at a press conference that the police eradicated a group of terrorists, the same excuse given every time civilians are killed by the Communist occupiers. She said that the attackers should be condemned by the general public for attacking police with explosive devices. However, Dilshat Reshit, the spokesperson of World Uyghur Congress, condemned Chinese government’s repetitive justification of their attacks on Uyghur civilians.

This is the fourth clash between police and Uyghur civilians in the last six months. In July, Xinjiang’s regional Communist party committee gathered around 80 religious leaders in Sayibage Township and forced them to learn the 11th regional party committee’s declaration. The declaration openly bans any religious gathering considered illegal by the Chinese Communist party, a clear violation of human rights and religious freedom.
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