Utah Senate supports bill decriminalizing polygamy

Yeah, sounds like a solid plan.


NSFW    SALT LAKE CITY — Something is rotten in the state of Utah. Utah's state Senate has actually voted unanimously to decriminalize polygamy amoung consenting adults.
The BBC reports that under current laws, anyone found to have multiple spouses could face up to five years in the slammer.
Supporters of the bill—so all 29 Utah Senate members—say the bill would remove the secrecy surrounding the morons, sorry Mormons, who feel the more the merrier and would also allow victims to report abuse.
According to the Beebs, the bill still needs to be approved by the states House of Representatives.
The new proposal would mean that if you're really dumb enough to want more than one spouse, it would be considered a misdemenour, similar to a traffic violation.
More serious crimes, such as forced or coerced bigamy, would be treated as a felony.
According to the Associated Press, about 30,000 people in Utah live in polygamous communities.
Utah is home to the Church of Jesus Freaks of Later-day Suckers, also known as the Mormon Church.
If your Mormon history is a bit hazy, check out the South Park documentaries to get you up to speed.
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