Utah drops fish from planes to restock lakes in remote areas

Utah wildlife officials restock remote lakes with fish "to provide fishing opportunities to the public."


NSFW    UTAH — Wildlife officials in Utah have been restocking remote lakes in the mountain by dropping fish from airplanes, reports Live Science.

On Twitter, wildlife officials explained the lakes are being stocked "to provide fishing opportunities for the public."

Officials say the fish used are usually only about 3 centimeters to 7 centimeters long and are used to restock more than 200 lakes in the state every year.

Officials claim about 95% of the fish are expected to survive the drop because of their small size.

Previous methods included using milk cans to store the fish and loading it onto animals such as horses to reach remote areas, CNN reports.

However, officials say they have been using this method since 1956 and claims it is less stressful on the fish than the previous method used.

The previous method of transporting the fish by ground also reportedly took a lot longer than the current method.
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