Utah bro implants Tesla key and other chips into his hands

Looks like carrying things is so last century.


NSFW    SPRINGVILLE, UTAH — Carrying keys, wallets or purses are increasingly becoming things of the past as more and more people embrace mobile technology.
But would you go so far as to have cybernetic implants shoved under your skin all for the sake of some marginal convenience?
According to ABC 7, that's exactly what Ben Workman did. The self-described "cybernetics enthusiast" studies human and machine interaction.
He's had four different chips jammed inside him so he can unlock doors at work, log on and off of his computer and share contact information. You need to have implants for those things?
According to Workman, it was hard to find people in the beginning to turn him into Tony Stark Beta. He eventually recruited a family member for his first try.
And then came Ben's Tesla Model 3. Who can be bothered carrying around car keys anymore?
Workman had to enlist the help of a piercing studio to get the larger Tesla key implant into his hand.
Ben apparently also had a magnet implanted into his left hand, that he uses for "magic tricks" and "fun stuff."
Hopefully he doesn't get a new car—or carjacked.
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