US to test defenses against simulated North Korean attack

It used to be the more Kim Jong Un ran his mouth about reigning nuclear armageddon out the U.S. and her allies, the dumber he looked. Except now, Washington taking the plump dictator seriously and more specifically, the Pentagon is testing U.S. defenses for a North Korean attack.


NSFW    WASHINGTON — The U.S. will conduct two major defensive weapons tests in May 2017 in preparation for possible North Korean attack.

The first will see an upgraded Standard Missile fired from a U.S. Navy vessel somewhere in the Pacific. This improved projectile comes equipped with an enhanced warhead and booster, meaning it can cover greater distances, reported CNN.

The other test will see ground-based defenses in California and Alaska run through a theoretical North Korean strike on the U.S. mainland.These long-range interceptor missiles are said to have had a fifty-fifty success rate in previous tests.
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