US shows off new mega base in South Korea

The U.S. is working on an $11 billion expansion to Camp Humphreys in South Korea.


NSFW    PYEONGTAEK, SOUTH KOREA — The U.S. has been working on one of its largest military overseas construction projects at Camp Humphreys in South Korea, located about 50 miles south of Seoul.

Once the $11 billion expansion is finished, the installation will house a majority of the approximately 30,000 U.S. troops in South Korea, the Daily Beast reported.

The 3,454 acre base is the size of a small city. A veterinary clinic, a dental clinic and a food court opened up in October.
The massive complex has new headquarter buildings, an airstrip, firing ranges, barracks, motor pools, communications facilities, schools, day care centers, stores, churches and even a golf course, according to the Daily Beast.

U.S. forces are spread across 174 bases in South Korea. Camp Humphreys will allow the U.S. to concentrate their forces there. The U.S. military plans to cut the number of bases in South Korea to just 96 by 2020.

In the event of open war with North Korea, Camp Humphreys would give the U.S. forces the ability for rapid deployment to the front lines.
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