US Navy sends third aircraft carrier to the Pacific

The U.S. has sent a third aircraft carrier to the Pacific in an attempt to flex some muscle against North Korea. Yee-haw!


NSFW    PACIFIC OCEAN — The aircraft carrier USS Nimitz arrived in the Pacific on Tuesday, bringing the number of carriers to three now operating in the region.

The carrier and its accompanying strike group of destroyers, cruisers and submarines has joined the U.S. Navy's 7th Fleet area of operations, the Navy said news releases, CNN reported.

The Nimitz now joins the USS Ronald Reagan, which is stationed in Japan year-round, and the USS Theodore Roosevelt, which is currently far east of Japan, according to Business Insider.

The Navy reported that the Nimitz just finished three months of in the Middle East battling ISIS, launching 1,322 sorties with 903 pieces of ordnance dropped, according to

Navy spokeswoman Lt. Mary Walsh described the carrier's activities as standard, and said that the Nimitz would only be in the region temporarily, reported.

The USS Roosevelt is expected to eventually take the Nimitz's place in the Middle East, according to CNN.

Pyongyang hasn't launched a missile in over a month, however tensions still remain high in the region.
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